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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Design / Build of New Parking Garage within active Airport operations.

New 4-level, 1,300 space Design/Build Parking Garage. The project timeline from start to finish was two weeks. A key feature of the presentation strategy was to present 3 different exterior facades as well as to showcase design and construction methods. The animation was beneficial in showing these elements resulting in a Project Win.

Scope of Services

  • Utilized Revit Model from D/B Architect for rendering, walkthrough, and construction sequence

  • Modeled site and landscaping from PDF Design Development Drawings

  • Created construction sequence animation & rendered completed images

  • Rendered three different skin options for the building facade as provided by the architecture team

  • Coordinated with 3D Print Vendor to provide the files they needed for 3D Printing

  • Included in the animation are unique details such as construction team signage on fencing, clear logistics and movement of construction vehicles, detailed landscaping of outside construction zoned area

Three (3) different facade design options.

3D Image of Construction Site
Construction Logistics
New Construction of Parking Garage nearly Complete
Construction Sequence
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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

3D construction animation is an excellent tool to provide a clear story of the construction process.

Demolition of a 12-story building built in the 1920's to create a new 31-story headquarters for a high-end watch company in New York City, which included a 3-level grand atrium with retail space. Created a construction sequence animation for presentation purposes which helped the client win the project!

Scope of Services:

  • Create a detailed 3D model from Design Development Level PDF drawings for new building

  • Produce detailed 3D model for the existing building based on Google Earth images and photographs

  • Depict the demolition of the existing building featuring similar equipment to be used

  • Created detailed city model to accurately depict the surrounding buildings and streetscape

  • Developed feature animation of glass installation that depicts actual specifications for the building's glass.

  • Animation based on the construction schedule

Demolition logistics of an active site day
Special attention to foundations and overall site.
Detailed Glass Installation
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