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Our Story

We are an Extension of Your Team

Revamped FX brings 18 years of 3D construction animation and marketing experience in supporting the A/E/C industry and has the expertise to effectively apply visualization to your presentations. Construction visualization is intended to clearly illustrate how the project will be constructed, by showing the project being built to a timeline, cost schedule, and safety considerations.

Our digital process and client interface system ensure that we can work with your marketing, VDC, operations, and project management team efficiently either remotely or on-site.  In the United States, we are available for site walk-throughs, team presentation strategy meetings, presentation rehearsals, and acting as technical support during presentations.

We’re proud of our excellent track record of helping our clients have a competitive advantage in their submittals and presentations to WIN new work.  We work collaboratively with your team to showcase your process through constant communication, 24/7 commitment, and clear timelines to deliver a high-quality product every time.

Discover some of the projects we’ve worked on and see how our qualified and experienced 3D Construction Animation Studio can take your project to the next level.

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