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Project Highlight - Urban Highrise

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

3D construction animation is an excellent tool to provide a clear story of the construction process.

Demolition of a 12-story building built in the 1920's to create a new 31-story headquarters for a high-end watch company in New York City, which included a 3-level grand atrium with retail space. Created a construction sequence animation for presentation purposes which helped the client win the project!

Scope of Services:

  • Create a detailed 3D model from Design Development Level PDF drawings for new building

  • Produce detailed 3D model for the existing building based on Google Earth images and photographs

  • Depict the demolition of the existing building featuring similar equipment to be used

  • Created detailed city model to accurately depict the surrounding buildings and streetscape

  • Developed feature animation of glass installation that depicts actual specifications for the building's glass.

  • Animation based on the construction schedule

Demolition logistics of an active site day
Special attention to foundations and overall site.
Detailed Glass Installation
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